Reflections on Josephus Gilbert –the genuine article! I don’t have too many human idols—but he was one! He was so tough, both mentally and physically, that he must have slept with a teddy-bear…read more


Does it include sex? Briefly entering the mind of a woman through the eyes of Solomon.

You’re Not Doing Enough

10 Ways to Make Good Choices

Hope–Jim Jeffries, Larry Bird, and a Vaccine

Go Get Your Husband! The Intriguing Story of the Woman at the Well



Making Beautiful Things Happen

He Cares

Salome, What Do You Want?

The Joseph Series:

Overcoming Evil with Good: A commentary on Romans 12.

Breeze, Noski, or Segundo: ’It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.’ —W.C. Fields. (1 Corinthians 15: 51-58)

We Plant, We Water (1 Corinthians 3:1-9)

Overcoming the Sinful Nature–the Power of the Spirit

The Relevance of Prophecy Today

We Need an Anointing

Charles Albert Tindley…and a Punching Bag

Who’s Building Your House?

Trust Him


If I Had One Desire

Not Going It Alone

Are you evil?



Oh to be led by the Spirit–Romans 8

Like Grass

How to Hate Sin–Part 1

How to Hate Sin–Part 2

How to Hate Sin–Part 3

How to Hate Sin–Part 4

Nuggets (1 Thessalonians 5)

Nehemiah for ADHD


I Wish I Could Take You to the Moon

My Purple Heart

You–Your Fragrance

I Could be a King!

The Luckiest Man

If we talk



Short Stories:

Kidnapped For Life,* by Vernetta M. Andrews

The Eye in the Hurricane

Kathy, the Salad bar, and me


Be On Guard!

A Checkered Past–A Bright Future

Another Weekend

I don’t need God…I have a cell phone

Charitable giving–God takes care of His Own

Charity, Cherish, Caitlin

Making definitive steps toward improvement

The Slippery Slope–New Beginnings

Hold this hand!

The ‘ills’ and the ‘remedies’

Let Someone Know

Besides Blue

The Wilderness

Of Gazelles and Vegetarian Lions

My first yellow pants

Rockets up against the Warriors!

June 17

Designated Giving