Rockets up against the Warriors!

This is going to be a great NBA playoff series. Maybe the real finals even.  Cause I think the winner will go on to take ‘all the marbles.’

Can the Rockets win 4 games in the best of 7? Hmm. On paper alone Warriors have an imposing starting 5 while the Rockets may have a deeper bench. Can Chris Paul do what he’s never done before? Lead a team to the championships? This is actually the furthest he’s ever been in the playoffs! Great player he is I’d love to see him get a chip, but getting past the Warriors is no stroll in the park. We’ll see.

Meanwhile a supposedly banged up Celtics is taking other teams out in an admittedly weaker conference. But will they be able to stop a rampaging Cavs? So many questions….

Another Cavs vs Warriors finals seems on the horizon. Come on Houston, prove me wrong…Lol!

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