I don’t need God…I have a cell phone!

You know it hit me like a ton of bricks this week…I can’t live without you. You are like water, sunlight, everything. You are the first thing I touch in the morning. The last thing I touch at night. You are a flashflight. An alarm clock. You are a means of communication. You are a source of information. You even contain the Word! You are my calendar. You are entertaining and a source of entertainment. You are my life, my gps, my timekeeper, calculator, planner, and shopping device. You are my cellphone!

How dare I be defined by my gadgets! This is ridiculous! And so like taking candy from a baby, so is trying to take my cellphone from me. I need it more than air. Or do I really?

This is a problem! An epidemic in the ‘modern world.’ I only need one thing! One thing for survival. One thing to make it through the day! One thing to feed me, guide me, and fill me! Lord we need You! I need you! Full stop…in the morning…through the day…in the evening…at night. You and You alone. Total reliance on You!

(written on paper 😊)

P.S. we were driving in less than 5 miles per hour of traffic when Jalen said, ‘he bumped him.’ I said, ‘who?’ He said, ‘the car right next to us.’ It looked a little bit more than a ‘bump.’ What was the driver doing? 🤷🏽‍♂️