I don’t need God…I have a cell phone!

You know it hit me like a ton of bricks this week…I can’t live without you. You are like water, sunlight, everything. You are the first thing I touch in the morning. The last thing I touch at night. You are a flashflight. An alarm clock. You are a means of communication. You are a source of information. You even contain the Word! You are my calendar. You are entertaining and a source of entertainment. You are my life, my gps, my timekeeper, calculator, planner, and shopping device. You are my cellphone!

How dare I be defined by my gadgets! This is ridiculous! And so like taking candy from a baby, so is trying to take my cellphone from me. I need it more than air. Or do I really?

This is a problem! An epidemic in the ‘modern world.’ I only need one thing! One thing for survival. One thing to make it through the day! One thing to feed me, guide me, and fill me! Lord we need You! I need you! Full stop…in the morning…through the day…in the evening…at night. You and You alone. Total reliance on You!

(written on paper 😊)

P.S. we were driving in less than 5 miles per hour of traffic when Jalen said, ‘he bumped him.’ I said, ‘who?’ He said, ‘the car right next to us.’ It looked a little bit more than a ‘bump.’ What was the driver doing? 🤷🏽‍♂️

One thought on “I don’t need God…I have a cell phone!

  1. The cell phone (or rather, smart technology) has changed us. The world we live in is increasingly dependent on technology. The two are mutually exclusive. We can use both to enhance our existence. But it’s all about choices; priorities.


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