i believe words inspire, sometimes written, sometimes spoken, sometimes not said at all.
i believe words inspire, sometimes revealed in dreams or visions. i believe a simple gaze into the sky can add perspective beyond our present reality.

today i dream of a special place and wish that my home here could be but a foretaste.
today i long to see a glimmer of heaven and with my imagination see it as a sunrise near to a harbor,
safe, where pleasantries perfume the atmosphere;
a safe harbor where thoughts of others come before self;
a safe harbor where good deeds know no end;
a safe harbor where God and God alone keeps us anchored.

as beautiful creatures of God made in His image, reflecting His glory,
our characters are called to be in His likeness,
our hearts to ring with praise.

with prayer and humility i ask: God give us the strength to lift You up wherever we traverse,
may the music of our hearts be ever melodious,
may the fruit of our labor be sweet,
and may those we encounter find within us love, joy, and peace that speaks of forevermore.

–Vaughn Andrews