June 17


As I think about Vernetta today on what would have been her 46th I am reminded of a few things I’d like to share:

1. She was a people person, i.e. She loved people. She just had that in her. Not that she got along with everyone. Shoot. There were some people she didn’t like at all. No names. Lol. But even in her dislike there was a belying honesty that drew you to her and how she felt. Which leads me to my second reminder
2. She was a diplomat and an orator. I guess she got this from her father. That girl could talk. Put her in the limelight and she would shine even the more. She could handle a situation. She was rarely outspoken—she was outspoken. Point blank. Lol
3. I was very sorry to see the way she suffered in her last few years but she fought to the end which gives me hope that her prize is sure not to mention her resolve to see us again through her belief in God.

Let’s be encouraged.

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