My first yellow pants….

I am really not a fashionista but every now and then my wife tries to make me look good….

I still remember soon after we got married she encouraged me to go try on a ‘squared tip’ dress shoe. These were in style at the time. But somehow I was hesitant. So I dilly-dallied. Next thing I knew there was a brand new squared tip pair of shoes next to my side of the bed. I fell in love with them instantly. As a matter of fact after 16 years I still wear them occasionally. Lol.

So my pace for keeping up with styles has slowed. But I’m not ready to get too far behind. Although in some things I’ve had little choice. In my early teen years I sported several hair styles. The Kid from Kid n Play high top with faded sides. The ‘muff.’ The Bobby Brown ‘slanted high top’….Now my options are thin. Lol. After one time is another….

Nevertheless I am very happy about this pair of tapered yellow jeans. I plan to wear it well. Lol

Got to keep up. And enjoy the styles while they last. The ones you can pull off anyway. 🙂

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