Of Gazelles and Vegetarian Lions

She’s a thing of beauty running to and fro
She can prance and dance, skip and hop
His roar is magical, his mane distinct,
He is the king of the jungle

Things change. Not everything is eternal…

Is there such a place where there are no water shortages, power outages, or lack of funding? Is there a perfect world out there? Can you picture it? Like a sunset and a rainbow over a white sand Caribbean beach, or,
a landscape decked with begonias and pansies nestled between blooming crepe myrtles…

Where gazelles run and lions are vegetarians. Here it is ‘donate 8’ becomes reciprocate 368, minus three…

In a perfect world there are no lay offs,
there are no retrenchments
In a perfect world flowers live and never die
Yes, in a perfect world gazelles run and lions eat what?
In a perfect world there is no such thing as cancer, diabetes, or medical errors from which to succumb
There is no such thing as pain, hardship, suffering, or grief
There is no such thing as hunger, starvation, or AIDS, rather, aid is something given when needed
Rather, in that perfect world there is fulfillment, there are Maslow’s actualization of higher needs, togetherness, perfect friendships, meals that satisfy and bring eternal healing, lasting joy, peace, and love where octogenarians are like infants and age increases like a geometric progression moving towards infinity

Where is that place? Is it a real place? Does it exist now? Is it some place carved in one’s inner soul? I challenge you to look for it. Search for that perfect world. It can’t be elusive. It can’t be unattainable. Could it be free? Paid for? Obtained through sacrifice?

Utopia, nirvana, heaven, paradise, is it not real?
Certainly we’re not there yet…but we can all strive to get there.
the best is truly yet to come.

When gazelles run, and lions become vegetarians

Hope to see you there!



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