The Wilderness

Ref Luke 5:16. What is this wilderness? Where is it? And when does one go there? As I get older I’m getting to realize that two things are no longer optional: ‘wilderness time,’ and exercise. 🙂 Of course the latter is a greater challenge for me as I’ve already gotten into the habit of ‘wilderness time’ —don’t get me wrong I’m still a ‘wildebeest’ at heart seeking to be ‘tamed.’:)

So talk to me. Do you have a good wilderness spot? Your closet? Is it the basement? Is it your car? Is it the toilet seat? Some place where you can get a breather? Maybe it’s the gym? Somewhere outdoors or just some place where you can find mental solitude to meditate and reflect? I can’t imagine where ‘he’ went. Was it in the bush, or some secluded cave? Does it really matter? I don’t know but he went somewhere to get away from the madness and gladness. To talk to his father.

I need to continue the same to successfully navigate life’s twists and turns. To make it to the world to come. Wilderness time—a must.



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