The ‘ills’ and the ‘remedies’

I certainly don’t have the solution to all the ills of this world. I don’t think any one person by them self does either. If someone did it would be nice for them to share the information, right? But would anyone believe them?

Anyway, what are some of the more common ‘ills’ of this world? First of all, what I consider to be an ‘ill’ might not be what others think. So let me start by finding a common definition:

‘a problem or misfortune.’ (from Google)

Oh my! This means there must be many. Innumerable. Nevertheless, I want to focus on a few. And for what it’s worth, share my opinion on ‘remedies.’ It may or may not be of help to someone.:)

To begin I first thought of writing about often unspoken topics: how to avoid pornographic material, how to keep one’s sex life in check, how to deal with mid-life crises (yeah, not too far away). But then I figured, ‘ah, thats too sensitive to get into, even too personal or embarrassing to admit.’ Why should I give unwanted things the light of day? I’ll leave that for another blog. Instead, I’ll focus my attention on more common ‘ills.’ Yes?

1. Disasters—foreseen and unforeseen

Recently my neighbor came home to a busted pipe in his bedroom ceiling that flooded his entire house. I mean his entire house. Top to bottom. A similar event occurred at our house a few years ago but I guess we were ‘lucky’ to have the pipe burst on the main level and flood mainly the basement….It helps to have a solid insurance policy.

Of course living in the DMV means that during winter we’ll get the occasional snow shower. Some may not consider this to be a ‘disaster’ of sorts, but when schools close and you’re trying to study for a test which needs to be done pretty soon and you have two rambunctious boys (actually they’re not that rambunctious but just for hyperbole) then you kinda have to make the best….Appreciate the time when they do have school and grandparents they could go to.

We’ve had a couple of friends who received untimely diagnoses. I don’t know if there is ever a good time to hear you have cancer or some rare disease. But this stuff happens way too often….Make the best of life each day.

We can never get used to death. No matter how foreseen—writing on the wall kind of thing—we still want people to live forever. Hopefully we will someday….Look forward to that time.

2. Difficulties to achieve or obtain ‘success’

For the past eight years I have been working on getting certified as a public accountant. Yep, eight years. The challenge has been brutal at times to say the least. Without having an accounting degree I had to ‘go back to school’ and get classes to meet the minimum requirements to sit the test, then labor through prep classes while at work and having a growing family. Stopped and then started back. Now I just about feel as if I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, truthfully, it has probably been equally challenging for my family as it has been for me. But I can’t even imagine what it is like for so many that wish they even had the opportunity to get an advanced certification, finish grad school or a terminal degree, or just even finish college or high school for that matter. Stopping to think of the millions in this world unable to read or write just makes me…be thankful.

3. Insomnia.

So some of us do have trouble sleeping. I did at one point in my life. Miraculously I’m now cured, but every now and then I get up during the middle of the night and have trouble going back to sleep. So what do I do? Lol….Write blogs? 🙂 That too, or be productive until the zzz’s hit again. (For more serious problems see a doctor.)

4. Love, or the lack there of

So ‘love’ is always my favorite topic. (You’ll find that in my blogs). But can it really be considered an ‘ill?’ Well certainly if you don’t have it! We all need more love, right? All’s well in the world when someone loves me. It has to be terrible when no one else loves you but your Momma. She better still be alive! And if she is, please show some appreciation. Find someone who loves you and certainly do find the time to love that person back.

#Who can forget all other ‘ills?’ Think of them as ‘sin.’ And what’s the cure for that? Sing: ‘Oh happy day!’ 🙂

One thought on “The ‘ills’ and the ‘remedies’

  1. Very well said Vaughn. I would add that it’s up to us to make a difference in the world by brightening the corner where we are with the gifts that we have.

    Thanks for sharing


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