Another Weekend

We often think that weekends are for relaxation and rejuvenation, and then we realize that we need to think again.

This weekend was well planned. Friday evening I picked up the boys while Mel went to church to put up a new backdrop. While the boys and I stayed home, Mel also went to help a friend who recently lost her son.

On Saturday I attended the early service at church and played for ‘Sabbath school.’ For the second service I worked in the record audio department. Mel was busy as well. She took care of the new registration process for children’s ministries and then took Joshua to Adventurers. Jalen stayed at church and worked as an usher.

After church we scurried home and made a brief stop to visit my 90 year-old aunt before heading to lunch. We couldn’t stay very long because Jalen had to return to church for drum corp practice. After practice we made a brief stop at the mall to do a gift exchange then we headed home to begin a ‘sleepover’ with their cousin and best friend.

Weary that this might go late into the night I asked the question when we arrived home, ‘what time are we going to have the boys go in?’ We agreed on 11:30, but not wanting to curtail the fun we let them finish a movie and had them settled by 1am. Mel committed to staying up and staying close to the boys who were ‘camping out’ in the family room. After cleaning up the kitchen I decided that I would turn in right around the same time as everyone. I set my alarm for 7:15 thinking I’d go to the gym and be back before the boys stirred. What was I thinking?

Shortly after 6am I began hearing voices. I possibly thought at first that I might have been dreaming. I arose and quickly attempted to restore quiet. But the eager beavers were up. By all means, why not? 🙂 I had intended to go to the gym later but being awake I thought let me just go now at 6:30. My attempt to separate the boys and marshal them back to sleep I’m sure was futile. But I endeavored nevertheless. Mel, having been up and committed to being night watch-person allowed me to head out and get some exercise that I’d put off during the holidays. By my return from the gym she had not only made breakfast but saw that Jalen was ready to leave the house with me for Pathfinders. While Pathfinders was in session Joshua accompanied me to work and on an errand. After lunch the rest of the day was spent giving haircuts, and running out to Gamestop—which ended up being a buss as the gift cards for games could only be used for online purchases. Nevertheless, in between we saw the Eagles succumb to the Seahawks.

I cannot account for the many other things Mel did this weekend but I know it also included washing and ironing and getting the boys prepped for school after their two week vacation.

Interestingly, this weekend I happened to speak with a friend at church who’s husband has just taken a job in Switzerland. Of note, she mentioned the difference in culture there vs here in the US as it relates to work on the weekend. Since being there her husband was asked, ‘why do you need to login to the network over the weekend?…Whatever needs to be done can wait until Monday.’ I thought to myself, hmmm, at least that could remove one element of the weekend. Other events and activities probably not.

However, moving to Switzerland does sound exciting. 🤷🏽‍♂️😀

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