Be On Guard!

Young man, it’s a crazy world out here. Keep God first in your life! Be on guard!

Those who entice can fondle you like no other. Obtain intimate pleasure from the one you love–the one you wed. Find a safe harbor. Be on guard!

Guilty pleasures seem pleasurable but only for a season. Then come heartache, pain, and distress. Be thankful for forgiveness. Though, if you don’t need it you’d be better off. While forgiveness comes, there can still be consequences. Be humble. Be on guard!

Do not lead a horse to the water if you have no intention of offering a drink. You may get kicked. The enemy is like a roaring lion. Don’t follow the crowd. Take courage in standing for what is right and doing right. Be on guard!

Prevention is still better than cure. Avoid situations where you become tested unnecessarily. If grasped in an uncomfortable place, recognize that you are temporarily at another’s mercy. The opportunity for escape is there if you seek it, pursue it, or call for it. Be on guard!

Things can happen innocently. Don’t be afraid to climb back up a slope you slid on. However, if you have developed a habit of sliding it becomes easier and easier to slip. Drastic times often require drastic measures. Do what you have to do. Be on guard!

God is on our side. Seek guidance from the One who imparts knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Embrace the hope of life in the hereafter where we can let our guard down. In the meantime…be on guard!

Finally, remember, I am here for you and I believe in you! And when I am not, find a God-fearing mentor, one who is trusted, experienced, and has gone the way before. Be strong, stay focused, fear not, and be on guard!

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