I wish I could take you to the moon

Let you see the stars so bright
Feel the warmth of the galaxy as it reflects the Creator’s light

I wish I could take you to the moon
Let your mind runaway far beyond time and hurts past
Far beyond pain
Far beyond injustice and prior rain

The sun in its radiance and splendor shines on the golden hue of your grace and finesse
Wisdom beyond years
Far above rubies, diamonds and pearls is your worth
A masterpiece you are
A gift to be cherished
To be loved
To be princessified because your specialness deserves a word unto you

Could I tell you that you are already a star?
A gem
A wellspring and oasis
A julie mango covered with starch, and buxton spice
A sugar found in an intimate cove where lovers dwell
Too much can’t be good for me

Coherence ‘incoheres’ at the sight of you
Yours words fall like raindrops on roofing
This makes all sense and none if your trajectory isn’t the moon
The air is rare when we get there
Over it
Beyond it
Never to be repeated
Secure, forever and a day

We’re heading there, baby

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