Does it include sex? Briefly entering the mind of a woman through Solomon

Introduction: A Brief Conversation with God

Dear God, You made me. You know what I need. Does it include sex? I really need to know. It seems debatable God. At least so it seems….

Dear God, You made me. You know what I need. Does it include affection? Touch? Embrace? How are others to get these things if they are single? Re: Paul. ‘I wish that other men were like me.’ Sex, affection—these things clearly cannot be what I need to survive. Help me God!

Dear God, What do I need? Is it just fresh air, water, or good food? Do I just need to exercise more? Is this NEWSTART thing for me?






A-air (fresh)


T-to trust in God

Why isn’t sex in there God? And shouldn’t the ’T’ come first anyway? This acronym should read The New Stars, with an extra ‘S’ to supply all our needs. We can add the second ’S’ for…sex (in marriage, of course.) Not so?

Entering the Mind of a Woman

Let’s not deny that ‘eros’ is a thing. For a man to fully engage a woman, a woman needs to be sweet-talked—lyricized. So the experts say. When a woman doesn’t want to be kissed, or cuddled, what is she trying to say? Tender words drop like maple syrup on a fluffy pancake. 🙂

How can a man enter the recesses of a woman’s mind to be sure of what she wants? Besides sweet-talk, women like to be looked at. They like to be admired. The experts say this. 🙂

Solomon entered the mind of a woman when he wrote ‘The Song of Solomon.’ His book makes for a great dialogue between two lovers. In it we find the art of reciprocity: touch me, and I’ll tease you. Tease me, and I’ll touch you.

Song of Solomon 1, with my commentary between:

This is Solomon’s song of songs, more wonderful than any other.


Kiss me and kiss me again,

    for your love is sweeter than wine.

>>sweeter than wine! As a good Adventist we advocate being nazarite—no wine. But to think that wine is sweet makes keeping it unattractive difficult. (To be conclusive, he does say it can also be a mocker. Beware young people.)

How pleasing is your fragrance;

    your name is like the spreading fragrance of scented oils.

    No wonder all the young women love you!

>>brothers must put on cologne. We must smell good or risk being a turnoff. A friend asked my wife a long time ago whether I wore cologne. For a while, I had foolishly ignored wearing it. Young man, don’t leave home without some form of odor protection. Splash on the cologne especially for that special occasion…

also, there’s nothing like a good name. Stand for something or else you’ll fall for anything…

Take me with you; come, let’s run!

    The king has brought me into his bedroom.


How happy we are for you, O king.

    We praise your love even more than wine.

>>wine again. smh


How right they are to adore you.

I am dark but beautiful,

    O women of Jerusalem—

dark as the tents of Kedar,

    dark as the curtains of Solomon’s tents.

Don’t stare at me because I am dark—

    the sun has darkened my skin.

>>why Solomon? why? Dark is beautiful. Were you in doubt? No need to apologize. LOL.

My brothers were angry with me;

    they forced me to care for their vineyards,

    so I couldn’t care for myself—my own vineyard.

Tell me, my love, where are you leading your flock today?

    Where will you rest your sheep at noon?

For why should I wander like a prostitute

    among your friends and their flocks?

>>brothers, does your significant other look up to you? Do you have flock or stock? Work on it. 🙂


If you don’t know, O most beautiful woman,

    follow the trail of my flock,

    and graze your young goats by the shepherds’ tents.

>>yeah yeah Solomon. She is beautiful. 🙂

You are as exciting, my darling,

    as a mare among Pharaoh’s stallions.

>>a woman who a man is willing to fight for is a woman to fight for! Find your own and fight for her! 


How lovely are your cheeks;


    your earrings set them afire!

>>thanks for qualifying Solomon 

How lovely is your neck,

    enhanced by a string of jewels.


We will make for you earrings of gold

    and beads of silver.



The king is lying on his couch,

    enchanted by the fragrance of my perfume.


My lover is like a sachet of myrrh

    lying between my breasts.


He is like a bouquet of sweet henna blossoms

    from the vineyards of En-gedi.

>>women like flowers, perfume, and decorative things–maybe one of these or all of these (is what the experts say.) 🙂



How beautiful you are, my darling,

    how beautiful!

    Your eyes are like doves.

>>brothers, be careful which woman’s eyes you look into. Watch your gaze. A ‘look’ can say much.



You are so handsome, my love,

    pleasing beyond words!

The soft grass is our bed;

>>cut to the chase Solomon. 🙂


    fragrant cedar branches are the beams of our house,

    and pleasant smelling firs are the rafters.


Let us all be encouraged by Solomon’s word!

4 thoughts on “Does it include sex? Briefly entering the mind of a woman through Solomon

  1. Good work as usual 👏. I notices you stayed away from commenting on the jewelry the gold earrings and the beads between breast. I know here in North America the thinking is way different from in the west Indies.

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